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About Hygetropin HGH

Hygetropin HGH is Human Growth Hormone. The generic name is Somatropin. It is manufactured by recombinant DNA technology and is identical to the body’s own natually produced Human growth Hormone.

Hygetropin’s amino acid (191aa) sequence is of the highest strength and purity, which is equivalent to pharma grade HGH and manufactured by the exact same process.

hygetropin 100iu for sale

Hygetropin HGH from Hygene BioPharm, was created by Dr. Lei Jin ( Dr. Lin ) who was the chief chemist at Gensci [ Jintropin ]

He was the chief scientist at Gensci responible fo the research of the stable 191 amino acid sequence while at Gensci. Lin left Gensci in  2006 / 2007 to manufacture his own brand Hygetropin by exactly the same process he pioneered at Gensci.

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Best HGH for men and women

Human Growth Hormone for Men and Women

Human Growth Hormone for Men

What does growth hormone do in adults?

Human growth hormone has a positive impact on adult men by enhancing exercise capacity and muscle mass.

This is why HGH bodybuilding and sports usage is so common, but before you start looking for HGH for sale, we’re going to talk about natural ways to enhance this vital growth hormone later.

Best HGH for men

Men are likely to feel the first signs of aging and HGH decrease after age 35, such as loss of libido, weakness, baldness and memory loss.

Men who are treated with HGH have bene shown to experience a reduction of fat, skin tightening, hair becoming healthier and thicker, and correction of erectile dysfunction.

Human Growth Hormone for Women

More women are now exploring HGH for its anti-aging and weight-loss properties. Deficiency in human growth hormone in women is due to the pituitary gland not producing enough HGH.

Ready for another one of the many interesting human growth hormone facts? In women, human growth hormone levels start to decline in their early 20s, and signs of HGH deficiency include dry skin, thinning hair, greater belly fat and the development of wrinkles.

Best HGH for Women

It’s been reported in studies that women secrete greater amounts of growth hormone than men, despite having similar reference ranges of serum IGF-1.

Adequate HGH levels help women improve an appropriate body-fat ratio and elasticity in skin. Risk of osteoporosis is reduced when HGH levels in women are balanced.

Intramuscular HGH injections can help normalize sleep patterns, improve skin elasticity, help lose excess fat and enhance the immune system.

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Growth hormone. Russian roulette or youth until old age?

Because of HGH drugs, Sylvester Stallone went nearly to an Australian prison in 2007.

Customs officers found 48 vials of growth hormone in his baggage. And obviously the millionaire actor had somatotropin with him not for sale. After that the whole world started talking not about the criminal tendencies of the Hollywood star, but about the secret of his youth. The man admitted that he was going to use this prohibited drug for his own needs.

Now Stallone is 73 y.o., and he is in excellent physical form, looks at least 20 years younger than his real age, leads a fifty-year-old man’s lifestyle and does not think to retire at all. Is growth hormone the
real elixir of life?

Before choosing the HGH supplements, please note, that they aren’t cheap and actively faked, so there is a significant risk of stumbling on a fake. That’s why buy human growth hormone only from trusted sources, like Ivan Danko HGH Store, where you can find Jintropin 200IU kit for just $540 and Norditopin 30IU pens for just $120.

Hgh brands for sale 2020

Best Growth Hormone Brands in 2020

Best HGH Brands in 2020

There is no such thing as the best or worst growth hormone brands, the drug is either growth hormone (somatotropin), or it is a fake.

Criteria for quality growth hormone brands and how to distinguish a fake:

  1. 191-amino acid sequence (somatotropin identical to natural);
  2. High price;
  3. Protected with the anticounterfeit system including holograms, security stickers, verification codes etc.
  4. liquid form (very fragile, sensitive to temperature and shaking) or lyophilized powder (suitable for worldwide delivery). You should never buy a drug in liquid form on the black market, because there is no way to find out how it was manufactured, stored, and transposed.
  5. different brands produce growth hormone in differently dosed vials.

To identify a fake, you should do blood tests to check the level of growth hormone in plasma, or you can use an indirect indicator – the level of glucose. After the injection of GH, hyperglycemia occurs: the glucose level rises by 1-2 mmol / L. For these purposes, a standard glucometer can be used, a control test is performed before the administration of HGH and 30-60 minutes after.

The rating of the best GH drugs according to G. Finn.

Hgh brands for sale 2020

High-quality hgh brands

  • Jintropin (191 amino acids, high purity, manufactured by GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd, China);
  • Norditropin (191 amino acids, high purity, manufactured by Novo Nordisk Inc, USA);
  • Omnitrope (191 amino acids, high purity, manufactured by Sandoz, Switzerland);
  • ZPtropin (191 amino acids, high purity, manufactured by Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical, China);
  • Genotropin(191 amino acids, high purity, manufactured by Pfizer, Inc, USA);
  • Humatrope (191 amino acids, high purity, manufactured by Eli Lilly and Company, USA);
  • Hygetropin (191 amino acids, high purity, manufactured by Zhongshan Hygene Biopharm Co. (China)). In 2001, the company received a license to produce high-quality growth hormone.
  • Nutropin (191 amino acids, high purity, manufactured by Genentech USA, Inc, USA);
  • Saizen (191 amino acids, high purity, manufactured by EMD Serono, Inc, USA);
  • Serostim (191 amino acids, high purity, manufactured by EMD Serono, Inc, USA);
  • Zorbtive (191 amino acids, high purity, manufactured by EMD Serono, Inc, USA).

7 of mentioned above you can find in our Store.

Growth hormone drugs can be used only as directed by a doctor. The information provided does not call for the use or distribution of potent substances and is aimed solely at reducing the risk of complications and side effects of low-quality drugs.

Before choosing the HGH drug, please note, that they aren’t cheap and actively faked, so there is a significant risk of stumbling on a fake.

That’s why buy human growth hormone only from trusted sources, like Ivan Danko HGH Store, where you can find Jintropin 200IU kit for just $540, Norditopin 30IU pens for just $120, Zptropin 120 IU kit – for $220


Growth hormone course for drying and weight loss

To achieve a beautiful relief body with a strongly pronounced muscle mass without subcutaneous fat, you have to sweat a lot in the gym, adjust the diet, and organize training. Generally rebuild your lifestyle for sports. With all this, it is not always possible to achieve the expected result in weight loss process.

Even taking sports nutrition and sports fat burners may not help in achieving this goal. In this case, try a course of growth hormone to dry the body. Thanks to this unique substance, you can achieve the results in fat burning and getting relief much faster, and the effect remains with you for a long time.

After all, hormones regulate various chemical processes in the human body, that is, they act as such conductors, give commands to perform certain actions.When used as sports nutrition, this is just an addition to regular foods, concentrated powders, and nothing else more. How to take growth hormone for weight loss.

The scheme of receiving growth hormone, both for drying and for muscle gain is approximately the same. Basic principles:

  1. The recommended course of use is 2-3 months; this is the optimal period for fat burning. Then you should take a 2-3 week break;
  2. The first week, use a dosage of 5 units, this allows you to get used to the hormone and see if it will cause side effects;
  3. The second and subsequent weeks – 5-10 UNITS/day (you can divided into 2 doses). So, do the first injection immediately after sleep, the secondbefore training, on days off from classes an hour before a meal;
  4. During the course, it is important to follow a strict diet to maintain low sugar levels.
benefits for hgh

Benefits For HGH


  • Increased memory retention
  • Stronger bone density
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Improves eye sight
  • Balances all hormones
  • Better sense of well being
  • Get Leaner muscles
  • Burns more fat
  • Improves the immune system
  • Improves exercise performance
  • Much Higher energy levels
  • Eliminates alot of cellulite
  • Improves cardiac output


  • improved kidney function
  • Partial Hair regrowth
  • Resistance to disease
  • Removes Wrinkle
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reverses menopause
  • Improves frame of mind
  • Decreases cholesterol count
  • Quicker healing from injuries
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Better sleep at nights
  • Improves overall Mood
  • Increased body healing
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How to choose the best quality and genuine HGH and not to lose your money?

Unfortunately, there is so much HGH products of dubious quality on the market nowadays. Therefore, we’d like to share some recommendations on how to choose high-quality growth hormone.

  • The first thing you should pay attention to is the manufacturer. Each trustworthy company should have the official website, where everyone can find more details about HGH production (certificates, lab tests, photos), find the latest news, read reviews or ask questions.
  • If you buy a HGH kit through verious websites, then choose only trusted sources, which value their reputation and will do everything to make you satisfied with the purchase.

Our customer feedbacks and their satisfied faces are the best gratitude for our work. And if you chose us, then take a few minutes and evaluate the quality of our products and the work of our team here.

  • Choose only proven HGH brands that have been on the market for several years. Look for reviews on forums, social networks, where people share their experience. Many trustworthy brands are protected with the anticounterfeit system including holograms, security stickers, verification codes etc.
  • Searching through different fitness blogs, you’ve definitely seen various kinds of HGH for sale in form of pills, sprays and patches. It is worth noting, that all of these products do not contain real HGH. So be aware about them and do not waste your money and time.

We understand how difficult it is sometimes to find an effective and “pure” HGH brand, therefore we offer our customers only 100% original certified products directly from manufacturers at a tempting price and with excellent customer service.

Trusting us, you trust a team of professionals with many years of experience in this field! Therefore, we can confidently say that by contacting us, you will be fully satisfied!

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Growth hormone course for muscle gain

Getting a muscular, sculptered body is a natural desire of every athlete. It is possible to achieve certain results through the healthy diet and strength exercises, but growth hormone will help to significantly speed up this process. A unique substance, artificially synthesized, the second important anabolic hormone after testosterone, completely repeats the natural human growth hormone somatotropin and contributes to the achievement of many effects, including muscle gain and fat burning.

HGH Expected Effects

Growth hormone has different properties, but the most popular in sports include:

  • muscle gain, including due to muscle hyperplasia;
  • fat burning of subcutaneous fat;
  • body relief improvement;
  • anti-catabolic effect (prevents the destruction of muscles);
  • acceleration of the healing and recovery process after injuries.

These results can be achieved through a correctly formulated course of somatotropin.

Growth hormone – recommendations for use

Growth hormone can be used SOLO and in combination, for example, with anabolic steroids. Let’s consider a course consisting only of growth hormone:

  • The duration of the course can vary from three to six months. This is the optimal period, which is enough to see a noticeable effect. A longer course causes the body to get used to GH and to stop showing proper results. Moreover, some side effects may occur, after which a post-course therapy is required (this applies mainly to taking non-quality drugs with unsatisfactory purity, after the use of which antibodies can be produced even to the own growth hormone);
  • The first week of the course should begin with a dosage of 5 UNITS / day of the drug. It is rational to make one injection in the morning, immediately after waking up. This time is most favorable for the injection, since the concentration of glucose in the blood is low;
  • The first week of the course is experimental. If during this time the reaction of the body to the administration of growth hormone is adequate, then the dosage can be increased to 10 units / day. It is optimal to do 2 injections per day, 5 units per 1 time. The first administration is also after sleep, the second after training, or in the middle of the day, during low blood sugar (at least 1-1.5 hours before meals, and after 1.5-2 hours after meals). Or before bedtime;
  • Sports nutrition and specialized training will help you get the most out of your course (take protein supplements, amino acids, BCCAs).

Another useful tips

When using growth hormone in the amount of 10 units / day, during an extended period, it may be necessary to administer insulinto normalize blood glucose levels and reduce the load on the pancreas. It is also possible to take thyroid hormones to support the thyroid gland. If your course is less than 2-3 months, then taking the above drugs is not necessary.

In addition, growth hormone can be used immediately after a course of exogenous testosterone, in order to consolidate the result and not lose quickly gained weight.

In order to significantly increase the effectiveness of growth hormone for gaining muscle mass, it is recommended to combine it with the intake of anabolic male hormones. As a result, a synergistic effect is achieved, that is, when the use of two drugs complement each other, and give a much greater result than the use of each drug separately. Dosages of growth hormone in this case remain the same as when taken separately.

Please note! The article has a purely informational subtext, and is not a call to action. Before using growth hormone, you should consult with a sports doctor so that he can accurately select the necessary dosages for you.

You can buy original HGH brands at a discount on our website. We are a trusted source on Superiormuscle forum, and that means a lot. Contact us if you have any questions.


The effect of diet and nutrition on growth hormone production

Somatotropin is a peptide hormone that is secreted in the anterior pituitary gland. STH helps to establish a positive balance of protein metabolism in the skeletal muscles by stimulating synthesis and presumably suppressing protein breakdown. These results are somewhat contradictory, since it is difficult to separate the effects of stimulating IGF-I production in the liver and skeletal muscles. How food we eat and diet we have influences the growth hormone production?

STH stimulates lipolysis in adipose tissue cells; in this regard, the C-terminal fragment of STH is of particular interest, which has pronounced lipolytic and anti-lipogenic activity in vitro and when administered to animals. Somatotropic hormone significantly reduces the effectiveness of lipogenesis along with a parallel increase in muscle mass, which indicates a powerful effect on the redistribution of nutrients in the body.

Changes due to food intake


Changes in STH caused by food intake can be quite diverse, which to some extent can be explained by the periodic nature of somatotropin secretion. Studies have shown that proteins, fats, and carbohydrates have an independent effect on the regulation of STH secretion.

Consumption of carbohydrates (0.7g per kg per hour) in pure form or in combination with proteins (0.35g per kg per hour) leads to a reduction in GH levels for up to two hours. The oral glucose tolerance test (75g of glucose) results in a slight gradual decrease in the GH level for about two hours, followed by a marked increase in its concentration in the blood, which peaks at the 240th minute.

Thus, hyperglycemia is associated with a decrease in STH, followed by hypoglycemia and subsequent increase in STH. These data are consistent with the results of work where hypoglycemia has been shown to be a powerful STH stimulant. Thus, when exposed to carbohydrates, their intake leads to GH reduction after a meal and its increase after some time.

Injections and, in some cases, oral administration of certain amino acids, namely arginine, lysine and ornithine, can increase the level of STH. This effect is characterized by a high variability of the response, which is suppressed during workouts or in the case of a protein-rich diet.

The growth hormone level increases after consumption of beef chop, presumably due to the significant content of amino acids, however, such an increase is prevented by injection of heparin, which stimulates an increase in the level of free fatty acids in the blood. The discovered inhibitory effect of free fatty acids is confirmed by the results of another study, which revealed suppression of the GH secretion by free fatty acids, but not by triglycerides circulating in the blood.

The dynamics of groцер hormone changes due to food intake are not fully understood. The intake of a liquid energy supplement (520kcal) rich in fats or carbohydrates does not affect the GH level measured 35 minutes after that, and the intake of food containing proteins and carbohydrates (216 kcal) does not change the level of STH measured after 90 min.

Alcohol consumption (0.45g of ethanol per 1 kg of body weight) every hour for three hours had no effect on the level of GH compared to water.

Growth hormone and diet: changes caused by food intake when exposed to physical activity

Consumption of carbohydrates and proteins affects changes in growth hormone levels induced by exercise. The use of protein and carbohydrate supplements immediately or 2 hours after weight training increased the level of STH in the later stages of the recovery period, while the glucose level was lower than after taking a placebo, which is consistent with the known effect of hypoglycemia on STH.

Taking protein and carbohydrate supplements before and after weight training sessions led to an increased acute STH response in the period 0-30 minutes after the session compared to a non-calorie placebo, despite the absence of differences in glucose levels in the experimental and control groups. Another study showed that taking protein- and carbohydrate-rich supplements had no effect on changes in STH after weight training.

Diet also affects changes in the STH level when performing exercises and workouts with submaximal loads. The effects of physical activity, fasting, and intake of isoenergetic foods rich in fats (71%) and carbohydrates (86%) were compaired with changes in STH levels 4 hours before exercise on a bicycle ergometer lasting 90 minutes. Changes in GH levels during fasting and intake of carbohydrate foods were the same and significantly higher than when taking fatty foods.

In accordance with the peculiarities of the glucose and fatty acids influence on the level of STH secretion, after eating a diet rich in fats, a lower level of the hormone during exercise correlated with a higher level of glucose and fatty acids in the blood.

The scientists also conducted a comparative analysis of the effect of isoenergetic (520 kcal) drinks consumption with a high content of fats or carbohydrates 45 minutes before intensive sports for 10 minutes on changes in STH levels after exercise.


After eating a meal rich in fats, an increase in the level of somatostatin was observed, which indicates a possible relationship between the fat content in food, the level of somatostatin and somatotropic hormone.

In addition, somatostatin lowers the level of ghrelin, a peptide that is produced primarily in the stomach and has a powerful stimulating effect on the secretion of STH. This allows us to conclude that there is an alternative mechanism for reducing GH levels under the influence of fats rich in food.

The fact that eating fat-rich foods reduces STH more than carbohydrate-rich foods is somewhat contrary to common sense, since carbohydrate intake will be accompanied by an increase in glucose levels, which in turn will inhibit the secretion of STH.

The consumption of carbohydrate drinks before, during and after training leads to an increase in blood glucose and a decrease in the level of STH changes induced by physical activity. Consumption of a carbohydrate drink during exercise on a bicycle ergometer lasting 2 hours weakens STH changes after exercise compared to consumption of skim milk and non-nutritive placebo, despite the absence of differences in blood glucose in all three cases.

These data indicate that STH changes under the influence of physical activity are not mediated by glucose, but by other factors. Studies have also shown that carbohydrate intake before or during exercise on a 2-hour exercise bike or rowing does not affect STH levels, despite differences in glucose levels.

In one of these studies, nicotinic acid, a lipolysis inhibitor, was included in energy drinks. Consumption of nicotinic acid with water or in combination with carbohydrates prevents an increase in the content of fatty acids in the blood and leads to an increase in the level of GH compared with water or a carbohydrate drink without nicotinic acid. Thus, changes in GH induced by physical activity to a certain extent depend on the level of glucose and the content of fatty acids in the blood.

An increase in the GH level induced by physical activity, in the case of a fat rich diet or fasting, is accompanied by a more rapid decrease in insulin levels and plasma glucose concentration during exercise. This indicates the possible participation of glucose-sensitive receptors in the regulation of STH changes due to physical activity.

Glucose injection at the end of the session does not particularly affect the change in the growth hormone level that occurs with a meal rich in fats, which also indicates the possible participation of other substrates (e.g. glycogen, ketones, fatty acids) or hormones (e.g. insulin or catecholamines) in the regulation of secretion of STH. That was the minimum you should know about growth hormone and diet.

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