Growth hormone course for drying and weight loss

To achieve a beautiful relief body with a strongly pronounced muscle mass without subcutaneous fat, you have to sweat a lot in the gym, adjust the diet, and organize training. Generally rebuild your lifestyle for sports. With all this, it is not always possible to achieve the expected result in weight loss process.

Even taking sports nutrition and sports fat burners may not help in achieving this goal. In this case, try a course of growth hormone to dry the body. Thanks to this unique substance, you can achieve the results in fat burning and getting relief much faster, and the effect remains with you for a long time.

After all, hormones regulate various chemical processes in the human body, that is, they act as such conductors, give commands to perform certain actions.When used as sports nutrition, this is just an addition to regular foods, concentrated powders, and nothing else more. How to take growth hormone for weight loss.

The scheme of receiving growth hormone, both for drying and for muscle gain is approximately the same. Basic principles:

  1. The recommended course of use is 2-3 months; this is the optimal period for fat burning. Then you should take a 2-3 week break;
  2. The first week, use a dosage of 5 units, this allows you to get used to the hormone and see if it will cause side effects;
  3. The second and subsequent weeks – 5-10 UNITS/day (you can divided into 2 doses). So, do the first injection immediately after sleep, the secondbefore training, on days off from classes an hour before a meal;
  4. During the course, it is important to follow a strict diet to maintain low sugar levels.
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