Jintropin elevates the levels of HGH inside your body.

As such, this makes it the ideal supplement/treatment for people suffering from growth hormone deficiency. Being deficient in growth hormone results in under-developed muscles (even by regular people standards), in addition to having fragile bones.

More over, individuals with growth hormone deficiency also tend to have very low amounts of fat in their body, hence being scrawny.

HGH supplementation is also helpful for people suffering from muscle-wasting conditions such as HIV and AIDs or Cancer as it helps combat the effects of those diseases.

In the bodybuilding world, using Jintropin will only help in the development of massive and high-quality amounts of muscle, it also helps in reducing the amount of fat that you carry around.

It does this by not only enhancing your metabolism but also your endurance as well. Thus, you will be burning fat via a two-fold process. First off, the enhanced rate of metabolism will turn your body into some sort of fat incinerator. Secondly, the increased endurance will allow you to push yourself even harder at the gym, thus enabling you to reach your goals even sooner.

What’s more elevated HGH levels mean that your body can recover from physical stresses even faster, thus ensuring that you can get more work done than you are capable of without risking overtraining.


Jintropin is a very safe supplement to use as long as the appropriate dosage is adhered to. However, abusing the compound has been shown to result in some very undesirable effects, such as abnormal swellings in the arms, legs, and joints. The swellings are incredibly painful, as well.

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Moreover, using Jintropin at high doses has also been associated with gynecomastia. Gynecomastia refers to the condition characterized by the swelling or enlargement of breast tissue in men. This is a direct result of having unbalanced hormonal levels in the body.

The unmonitored use of this supplement can also predispose the individual to diabetes in addition to a variety of heart diseases when they grow older.

As such, even though Jintropin is considered safe, misusing the compound can result in a host of undesirable effects. In addition to misuse, age also seems to play a role in the manifestation of undesirable side effects.

For example, young men in their 20s and even 30s tend to have high levels of growth hormone in their bodies, especially if they live active lifestyles. As such, even a small dose of an HGH supplement such as Jintropin is likely to cause a hormonal imbalance within their bodies, thus resulting in adverse effects

This is why HGH supplements are mostly recommended for people past their 40s since they have very low levels of natural HGH inside their bodies.

As such, supplementing with synthetic HGH can help bring their strength and performance back to where it was while they were in their 20s. Nonetheless, these individuals will also experience adverse effects if they misuse the supplement.

The other factor to be considered before using this supplement is the health of the user. Generally, people of good health should use this product in smaller quantities than those who are not of good health.

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Additionally, a person’s medical history can also play a role in the kind of effects they get. Certain medical conditions, as well as medications, can result in adverse effects when used together with this compound.

The bottom line, therefore, is that before you embark on using Jintropin or any other exogenous human growth hormone supplement, ensure that you first consult with a licensed doctor.

They will evaluate you and advise you on whether you are the right candidate for the supplement. Moreover, they’ll monitor your journey with the compound to ensure that they curb any adverse side effects before they take a toll on you.

What is the Appropriate Jintropin Dosage?

Based on the side effects section, you can tell that the appropriate dosage level is different among different individuals. This is because the dosage will be dependent upon the individual’s needs and requirements.

Nonetheless, for the average person, a dose of between 4 and 8 IU per day has been shown to provide the best results if their goal is to gain lean muscle and improve their body composition.

However, it is best to start at smaller doses to help your body get accustomed to the substance. Consider starting with a dose of between 1 and 2 IU, and work your way up.


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