What do we know about Pharmatropin?

Growth hormone Pharmatropin from Pharmacom Labs company is very popular and in demand on the world pharmaceutical market. The drug of the Moldovan company has achieved great popularity in wide circles of professional bodybuilders due to its excellent anabolic effect.

Many of you are already familiar with Pharmacom Labs products; those who have tried their products know that they are of consistently high quality, at a relatively low cost. Noteworthy, Pharmacom Labs does not just sell products for athletes, but promotes sports, helps athletes of all levels grow and brings up champions.

Pharmatropin is a drug whose main component is recombinant human growth hormone, which has a pronounced anabolic effect.

Growth hormone helps to accelerate the growth of cells and tissues, so it is used in both traditional and sports medicine.


Pharmacological properties of Pharmatropin:

  • Anabolic effect – promotes the growth of muscle tissue;
  • Anticatabolic effect – reduces the destruction of muscle fibers;
  • Boosts the transport of amino acids into cells, which increases the rate of protein synthesis;
  • Helps to reduce the body fat percentage, therefore promotes significant weight loss, especially in the abdomen area;
  • Accelerates the recovery and healing of wounds, muscles after intense training;
  • Rejuvenating effect – you look 10 years younger after the course;
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Strengthens joints, ligaments and bones;
  • Increases libido.

Pharmatropin Method of use and dosage

pharmatropin hgh

Pharmatropin is produced as a powder, which must be dissolved before use, after which it is injected into the body.

The minimum recommended dosage of the drug is 4-8 units per day. But if your goal is gaining quality muscle mass quickly, then such a dose will be obviously not enough. For experienced athletes, a daily dose of 12-16 units is recommended.

To choose the most effective and optimal dosages of growth hormone, it’s better to consult a specialist.

Professionals recommend dividing the daily dose of the substance into 2-3 administrations. It is advisable to do two or three injections in different places. For best results, it is recommended to eat foods high in protein every 2 hours.

The course duration, according to the recommendations of experts, should be from three to four months. After its completion, it is advisable for athletes to take a break of the same duration as the course of the hormone or change the HGH manufacturer.


The HGH course in combination with insulin is considered to be safer than the HGH solo course. Such a combination makes the use of the drug more effective, and the risks of negative consequences minimal. At the end of the course, taking into account the qualitative characteristics of the drug, no intensive post-cycle therapy is required.

Contraindications and unwanted effects 

This growth hormone has a minimal list of the possible side effects, which explains its popularity. Some of them are:

  • headaches and dizziness;
  • swelling of the face and limbs;
  • decreased appetite and nausea;
  • heart disorders and high blood pressure;
  • disorders of the pancreas and thyroid glands;
  • the reduction of sensitivity and soreness in the joints.

Such symptoms occur in athletes who allow exceeding the recommended dosages, as well as with the unjustified and very long course of taking the drug.

Please note that there are contraindications to the use of this drug, namely:

  • oncology;
  • diabetes;
  • problems with the adrenal glands;
  • age less than 25 years, otherwise, excessive growth of bone tissue is possible under the influence of the drug.

Reviews: Pharmatropin – a great GH for professional bodybuilders


Considering the high quality and effectiveness of the substance, a wide range of effects on the athlete’s body, as well as the relative safety, you will find many positive reviews of Pharmatropin on the sites and forums of sports pharmacology. First of all, athletes note a good tolerability of the drug, an excellent muscle gain and fat burning effect, a gentle effect on the body. The price of Pharmatropin is affordable and comparable to its effectiveness.

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