Epithalon (10mg) x 5 vials Nanox


Epithalon (10mg) от Nanox

Epithalon has the ability to regulate the activity of the telomerase enzyme. As a result, the body is observed elongation of telomeres that perform protective functions in the body.

Thanks to the use of Epithalon, the life span of cellular structures is significantly increased. You can always order this unique peptide in our pharmacy store.

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Effects of Epithalon

The structure of the Epithalon molecule includes 4 amines:


Because of this, the drug is often called AGAG. The active substance Epithalon was first discovered about three decades ago. It is synthesized in the thyroid gland. It is quite obvious that the first studies of Epitalon were carried out on laboratory rodents.

As a result, the regenerative properties of this peptide were proven. In addition, it has a positive effect on the performance of the thyroid gland and the general hormonal background.

Using Epithalon, you can slow down the aging process of the body. Based on AGAG molecules, several medications were created, but Epitalon turned out to be the most effective among them. Among the positive effects of the peptide can be identified:

The life span of a person is extended.
Rejuvenates all cellular structures of the body.
Sleep patterns are normalized.
Regenerative reactions are accelerated.
The body recovers faster after a hard workout.
The condition of the skin improves.
Increases endurance.

You can buy Epithalon at the most attractive price in our store. We sell products of the world famous company Nanox. You can be sure that all products on our online trading platform are original and of high quality. Our Epithalon price will appeal to many athletes.

Application and dosage of Epithalon

Detailed instructions for use are attached to each drug from Nanox. While working on Epitalon, scientists investigated the effectiveness of the tablet drug. It turned out to be extremely low and today only the peptide is used in injections. The duration of the course and dosage must be selected individually, based on the characteristics of the athlete’s body, as well as the tasks facing him. This will avoid potential side effects. It is worth noting here that even with an overdose, they appear quite rarely.

We recommend following the following rules during the course of Epithalon:

The daily dosage is from 5 to 15 micrograms per kilo of the athlete’s body weight.
The duration of the course should not exceed 60 days.
After the cancellation of the peptide, the body must be given time to rest.

Many athletes use Epitalon for 15 days, after which they pause for 4 months. This scheme allows you to get excellent results with no side effects.


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