Gonadorelin (2mg) x 5 vials Nanox


Gonadorelin (2mg) NANOX

Gonadorelin is a hormone whose main task in the body is to accelerate the production of vitamins.

Gonadorelin (gonadorelizing hormone) is a hormone that speeds up the secretion of vitamins. This group primarily includes luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones.

These substances, in turn, act as regulators of testosterone synthesis. Since the concentration of the male hormone has a huge impact on the growth rate of muscle cells, Gonadorelin could not be overlooked by athletes.

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Effects of Gonadorelin

Once administered, Gonadorelin has a strong effect on the pituitary gland. Which in turn activates the production of LH and FSH.

Surely you know that it is these substances that cause the testicles to increase or decrease the rate of production of the male hormone.

Since the human body is a very complex self-regulating mechanism, with an increase in the concentration of the male hormone, an active synthesis of antagonist hormones, say, estrogens, begins.

For this reason, the testicles are also forced to work in a wave-like mode, when, after a decrease in testosterone concentration, its peak follows.

Application of Gonadorelin

Like other peptides, Gonadorelin is injected subcutaneously. There were attempts to create a tablet form of the drug, but they were unsuccessful due to the low absorption of the active ingredient.

Since with the constant use of the same dose of the drug (linear scheme), the body quickly gets used to Gonadorelin, this is not only ineffective, but can lead to disruption of the pituitary arch.

Thus, you should know how to take Gonadorelin. The optimal scheme for using this peptide is a pulsating scheme. For every kilo of the athlete’s weight, it is necessary to inject from one to two micrograms of the drug 3 to 4 times a day.

The duration of the cycle is no more than 30 days. Before use, you must dilute the contents of one vial of the drug in two milliliters of water for injection.


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