HGH 176-191 (2mg) x 5 vials Nanox


HGH 176-191 Nanox peptides

HGH176-191 belongs to the group of peptides and is very actively used by athletes for drying. It should also be noted that the HGH176-191 price is acceptable for a large number of athletes.

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Effects of HGH176-191

According to its chemical structure, this drug is part of a hormone molecule synthesized in the body. When using this peptide, athletes note the acceleration of the fat burning process.

This effect occurs due to the interaction of the working component with androgen-type receptors located in fatty tissues. However, to get the maximum result, you need to train and follow an appropriate nutrition program.

Other effects have also been seen as a result of taking the peptide:

Recovery processes after training are accelerated.
Bone tissue becomes denser, which can stop the development of osteoporosis.
A rejuvenating effect is produced on the entire body.
The energy reserve increases, which is very important in conditions of a low calorie diet when losing weight.
Does not affect the concentration of sugar in the blood.
At the same time, the use of HGH176-191 does not affect the concentration of sugar in the blood.

Bodybuilders use the drug to carry out drying cycles after mass-gaining courses.

For weight gain, the drug is ineffective, but it is often used in preparation for competitions, for example, in the fitness bikini category. You can buy peptides in our sports pharmacy store at attractive prices.

Application of HGH176-191

To obtain the maximum effect from the use of the peptide, it should be administered on an empty stomach. The recommended daily dosage is 100-1000 micrograms, which should be divided into several doses.

After waking up, you need to make the first injection of the drug. It is very important that the first meal after using HGH 176-191 take place no earlier than an hour after its administration.

Then it is necessary to inject frag HGH 176-191 before meals, trying to maintain the same time intervals. The last injection on training days should be done half an hour before the start of the training, and on weekends – before going to bed.

The duration of the course of the drug should not be more than three months. This restriction is not related to possible side effects from the use of the peptide, just a dietary nutrition program should not last long.

It should also be remembered that in order to increase the effectiveness of the course of the drug, it is necessary to limit the caloric content of the diet and, first of all, it is forbidden to consume foods that have a high glycemic index. At the moment, there was no mention of possible side effects from the use of this drug.


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