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Jintropin 200IU Kit
Manufacturer: GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd, China

In 1 vial contains:

Active substance: Somatropin (Human Growth Hormone) 3,3 mg (10,33IU)

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Jintropin – human growth hormone

For your attention information about drug is offered, which is undoubted and stabilized pacesetter among other growth hormones on today's! One of the reasons of Jintropin's forgery is a high demand on it. There are a lot of desirous to purchase Jintropin at an attractive price. How to buy Jintropin without forgery and not to waste money? What is the price of fake and original drug? Everybody knows that greedy people pay twice! Good, qualified product can not be cheap. If somebody offers you Jintropin at price, which is lower than market price, it means that drug is fake! It's necessary to pay attention on manufacturer and packing of Jintropin. You can get more information about protecting product from fake on the web site manufacturer, whose drug you are buying! Our shop offers only original products. Here, you can purchase the product of GenSci company production from exclusive distributor of pharmacological products Europharm.

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intropin – Recombinant human growth hormone
Pharmacological internals
There are a lot of articles about magical internals of this drug. It is time to get more information about Jintropin. It is a synthesized human growth hormone (somatropin) of fifth generation. Jintropin is more purified from ballast proteins and more stabilized from thermalability, which is inherent to products of this group.

Furthermore, it has a wide range of action on human body.

  • Defined dose and periodicity of drug injection promote regeneration of skin and active division of skin cells.
  • Promoting growth of bones.
  • Jintropin improves metabolism which reduces body's fat storage, raises energy levels, increases muscle mass, vitality and overall well-being.
  • By using Jintropin with course, the food should be high-calorie, the elaboration of insulin by body will rise and as a result synthesis of protein.
Today, you can order Jintropin in any dosage, which is released by the manufacturer. It is popular to produce Jintropin in dosage 100-200 units. When the final result is increasing muscle mass and reducing body fat, the beginner and professional athletes are used the dose of 10 IU/day. Also, the HGH is used by bodybuilders and powerlifters, who works with high weight. The Jintropin of Europharm helps to strengthen the joints, to regenerate the damage of ligaments and cartilages, and that is the way to prevent serious injuries.

The course of Jintropin, how to make a choice?

This is difficult task. It is depend on your purposes and expected results. Before making your choice, you have to consult a doctor. There are next tasks: where to buy Jintropin and how much chosen course will cost .

It is very important to understand that while receiving Jintropin, human body's necessity in insulin will rise . That's why the dosage of Jintropin should be selected individually. Then, to increase the dosage as the thyroid gland will adapt to Jintropin and started to produce insulin independently and in necessary quantity! Otherwise, you will spend money not only on Jintropin's course, also, you will spend money on treatment from wrong using of Jintropin. Everybody should remember that increasing of Jintropin's dosage doesn't give result, but can be dangerous for life.

For getting more real effects for a short time, you can use Jintropin jointly with insulin or anabolic steroids. For instance:

  • For maximum result of fat burning is recommended dosage of Jintropin in 8-10 IU/day ( will be better to divided on 2-3 times per day) with anabolic.
  • For increasing of muscle mass is 10-16 IU/day ( it is possible to divide on several stages with insulin or steroids).
  • For rejuvenating effect is 2-4 IU/day.
  • For spending reconstructive and preventative effects for professional's athletes muscle and cartilage is enough 4-6 IU/day.
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