Ipamorelin (2mg) x 5 vials Nanox


Ipamorelin Nanox peptides

Ipamorelin is a modern peptide for gaining pure muscle mass. It stimulates the body to additionally produce its own hormone, which positively affects the growth of muscle fibers and the activation of the fat burning process.

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The secretion of a natural hormone in the human body irreversibly decreases with age. This process leads to a variety of consequences in the body, including aging and weakening of immune functions. But, among other things, with age, the ability to intensively gain muscle mass with age is weakened. That is why a variety of hormone preparations are now becoming increasingly popular, which, for all their effectiveness, have some side effects.

Ipamorelin works differently. Once in the blood, it stimulates the production of its own hormone, as a result of which the processes of muscle recruitment are activated, their relief is improved and subcutaneous fat is burned. Also, Ipamorelin does not cause an increase in appetite (unlike other less effective peptides), and also increases the duration and improves the quality of sleep.

It is due to its high performance and the absence of unwanted side effects that the Ipamorelin course is considered the most effective and is in high demand among athletes.

Dosages and course of Ipamorelin

The optimal duration of the Ipamorelin course is considered to be a period of about one month. During this time, you can achieve high results in the recruitment of muscle tissue and the burning of subcutaneous fat. Due to its high versatility, this peptide works great in all directions. On average, dosages fluctuate around 1 μg per 1 kg of an athlete’s weight. Injections must be done 3 times a day. For example:

In the morning on an empty stomach, about 40 minutes before breakfast
After workout
And right before bed
This amount is enough to increase the relief of your muscles in a short time and increase endurance and strength characteristics. Some athletes prefer to increase the dose to 1.5 mcg per 1 kg of weight, however, this does not significantly affect the final result.

For combined courses, Ipamorelin is most often combined with various derivative forms of the hormone. Also quite popular are joint methods with other peptides, such as Tesamorelin or HGH Frag, which successfully complement and enhance each other’s action. Quite rare, but there are also combinations with other types of peptides.

Benefits and Side Effects

Ipamorelin, which you can buy in specialized online stores of sports pharmacology, like all drugs, has both positive qualities and possible side effects. In addition to high anabolic efficiency, among other benefits, athletes distinguish:

improving the quality of sleep;
visual rejuvenation;
calming effect.
Of the possible side effects from taking Ipamorelin are called:

tingling of the limbs;


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