Jintropin 50 HGH


Manufacturer: GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd, China
In 1 vial contains:
Active substance: Somatropin (Human Growth Hormone) 3,3 mg (10,33IU)

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Jintropin 50 IU HGH – Injectable Human Growth Hormone

JINTROPIN is a genetically engineered growth hormone (HGH). It stimulates skeletal and somatic growth and has a pronounced effect on metabolic processes. It stimulates the growth of bones, affects epiphysis plates of long bones and bone metabolism.

It promotes normalization of the structure of the body by increasing muscle mass and decrease body fat. In patients with growth hormone deficiency and osteoporosis replacement therapy leads to normalization of the mineral composition and bone density.

By taking Jintropin, you can force your body to repair the damaged cells that cause it to age. Some of the most notable areas of ageing that can be reversed with Jintropin are discussed below:

Skin Damage

– The sun, UV rays, and cigarette smoke are all damaging to skin cells. Unfortunately, many of these environmental elements are unavoidable. Human growth hormone works to repair these damaged cells. The result is smoother, less-wrinkled skin.

Bone Deterioration

– A human’s bones weaken with age. Age induced bone deterioration is the main cause of the detrimental bone fractures common to the elderly population. Jintropin not only strengthens bones, it can even repair damaged bone cells. The represents a potential cure for the worst type of bone deterioration – osteoporosis.

Memory Loss

– Damaged brain cells are responsible for memory loss and can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. HGH works to heal damaged brain cells, preventing age-related mind deterioration. In fact, drugs with similar effects as Jintropin have been used to stop brain cell damage in cases of both stroke and brain injury.

Several brands of human growth hormone are currently manufactured by major pharmaceutical companies and prescribed to children with growth deficiencies. HGH is an FDA-approved drug that is currently being evaluated for the treatment of severe burns, wounds, and bone fractures.

Because of their ability to heal damaged cells, human growth hormone drugs are considered the most effective anti-aging drugs currently on the market. Additionally, Jintropin works to keep you healthy by promoting weight loss and muscle gain naturally.


  • Increase Muscle Mass.
  • Improve Bone Density and Strength.
  • Decrease Body Fat.
  • Promotes Transportation of Aminoacids.
  • Reduces Insulin Loss.
  • Increases Muscle Workload Endurance.
  • Improves Strength and Energy.

Mixing and our recommended dosage

You inject 1ml water into the vial of HGH from the water vial. 1 full syringe is 1ml. You then wait for the vial powder content to dissolve ON ITS OWN. DO NOT SHAKE THE VIAL TO MIX POWDER. Once dissolved and clear in colour you draw out 0.4 on the syringe each day before bed and inject it into the tummy under the skin into the fatty skin layer. A vial should last 2.5 days.


We sell 100% Original from the Chinese GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (GenSci). Always check the serial/security number to confirm that your Jintropin is genuine on the manufacturer’s website http://en.gensci-china.com/gensci/Verification.asp

Please contact us to find out the current expiry date. Jintropin batches are released 2-3 times per year.


Store in a cool dry place at temperatures 2-8 degrees Celcius. Can be kept outside the fridge for up to 60 days.

Do not freeze. Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep locked and away from children.

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