GHRP6 (5mg) x 5 vials Nanox


GHRP 6 Nanox peptides

GHRP 6 is one of the most popular hormone secretion stimulating peptides. It quickly gained popularity and is now actively used in sports.

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GHRP6 Nanox

GHRP 6 belongs to the GH-releasing group. Its main task is to stimulate the synthesis of the hormone in the body.

If we talk about which peptides for weight gain are the best, then GHRP 6 can be safely ranked among them. It is very similar in structure and mechanisms of work to another drug in this group – GHRP 2.

Often, athletes use them together in their courses. It should also be noted that the price of peptides in comparison with the hormone looks much more attractive, and these drugs are completely safe for the body.

Effects of GHRP6

Today, research on the drug continues, although we can say that it has already been studied quite well. There is a fairly large number of domestic companies that produce high quality products. Among the properties of the drug, the following should be noted:

  • The concentration of the hormone increases, which leads to a positive effect on all body systems;
  • The rate of metabolic processes increases sharply;
  • The body is rejuvenated;
  • Stabilizes the balance of cholesterol and sugar;
  • Improves the quality of the skin;
  • Increases the efficiency of the body’s defense systems.

The drug has become very popular in bodybuilding, as it helps to increase muscle mass and gives relief. But it does not affect strength indicators, and for this reason, weightlifters and representatives of power triathlon use it extremely rarely.

Application and dosage of GHRP6

The GHRP6 peptide should be injected subcutaneously using an insulin syringe. The dosage ranges from 100 to 200 micrograms at intervals of up to 4 injections per day. Be careful between injections should take at least 4 hours. The GHRP6 course varies from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the goal and level of training. Also, do not forget to take a break of at least 2 weeks between courses.

It is necessary to enter the peptide three times during the day. Injections are carried out about fifteen minutes before meals and the start of classes.

The maximum rate of hormone production is observed already half an hour after the introduction of GHRP 6. Note that very often athletes conduct combined courses of peptides. GHRP 6 works great with GHRP 2 to achieve a synergistic effect. Peptide cycles are typically six to twelve weeks long.


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