Unique product on the market today. It consists of two peptides at once: TB 500 and BPC-157. Each of these drugs is actively used not only in the sports field, but also in medicine, to accelerate the healing of injuries and recovery from injuries.

One bottle contains mix – 6 mg:

– TB500 – 3 mg
– BPC157 – 3 mg

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What are the effects of RAPID RECOVERY MIX?

Scientists have found that TV500 and VRS-157 are able to work together, creating a synergistic effect. The rate of wound healing largely depends on the work of fibroblasts that regulate the secretion of the extracellular matrix, as well as immune cells.

To do their job, the cells noted above must move into damaged tissues. This movement is called migration and depends on the actin protein.

Both peptides, which are part of the RAPID RECOVERY MIX, the price of which is low, regulate the processes of its production at the gene level. That is why TV500 and VRS-157 have the ability to significantly accelerate wound healing processes.

Having studied numerous reviews about RAPID RECOVERY MIX, we can highlight the main effects:

endurance increases;
regenerative processes are accelerated;
pain sensations decrease;
the body recovers faster after hard training;
the process of formation of new blood vessels is accelerated.

It is worth noting that this drug has shown itself on the positive side in the treatment of certain diseases of the digestive tract. For example, Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis is extremely difficult to treat with classic medications.

The use of RAPID RECOVERY MIX for their treatment has shown excellent results.


You have to give injections once a day. In this case, a single dosage is 2000 mcg. The duration of the RAPID RECOVERY MIX course is 1-2 months.


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